Topic: AddRan College of Liberal Arts

Dongwoo Kim, assistant professor of economics in TCU's AddRan College of Liberal Arts, discusses his research into correlations between public employee pension plans, salaries and employee retention. Photo by Leo Wesson, October 19, 2021

Retirement Plans Help Schools Retain Teachers

Even before Covid-19 burnout prompted some teachers to retire earlier than they’d planned, Dongwoo Kim had been researching how better retirement savings options could stem such career departures.

Katie-Rose Watson's first cookbook, The Rose Table (HP, Inc, 2021) published in October. Courtesy of Katie-Rose Watson

November 18, 2021

Katie-Rose Watson Sets the Scene and the Table

Imagine walking into a candlelit dinner party with Caribbean-inspired food spread across an intricately decorated table while the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack plays. Lobster tails, coconut shrimp and Captain Jack Sparrow chocolate rum cupcakes were all part of a themed Disney Dinner made by Katie-Rose Watson ’11. Watson, the creator of The Rose Table