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TCU's victory against Baylor on Feb. 29, 2020, marked the Frogs' highest ranked home win in school history. Courtesy of TCU Athletics | Photo by Gregg Ellman

March 3, 2020

Defeat of Baylor

On a day for fate, Acropolis opened its whirly gate Then out of the fog, emerged the mighty purple frog Sending its seers, prophets of magic starling the years Their words of justice would soon be what blessed us Thus rang out a clarion call, “twas a day for Baylor to Fall.” Atavars smile, angels

Corey Bethley

November 22, 2019

Oklahoma Proving Grounds

  A lot of governments and corporations have proving grounds. They’re a place where products, weapons and theories are tested to see if they hold up. For Goodyear, it’s where tires go to be tested and stretched to the absolute limit. Some end in blowouts; some perform without incident and pass the test on their

TCU purple chrome football helmet

November 15, 2019

Frogs Saddle Up for the Stretch Run

It’s the exact middle of November in college football and it’s the Time of the Season (see The Zombies, 1964) when the outcomes of games decide big things — like bowl games and the College Football Playoff. Such is the situation with your TCU Horned Frogs. For the Purple and White, it’s a three-game season