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Winter 2013

Winter 2013: Best new books

Anything for Thanksgiving Wanda Wallace ’72 BBA (MPA ’74) Wallace’s third novel features two best friends, Bud and Ginny, who meet again after 40 years to rekindle their relationship. As three Thanksgivings pass, they deal with danger, intrigue and deception to reveal boundless blessings and timeless truth. Available on Culture Without Accountability: What’s the

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Winter 2011

Winter 2011: Best new books

Hitler’s Ethic: The Nazi Pursuit of Evolutionary Progress Richard Weikart ’80 A professor of modern European history at California State University, Stanislaus, Weikart examines how Hitler’s belief in evolutionary ethics influenced Nazi policies of eugenics, euthanasia and racial exterminations. The book was recently released as a paperback. Available at Two Traditions One Space: Orthodox

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Fall 2013

Fall 2013: Best new books

B through Y: The Underdog’s Process of Seizing Opportunity, Control and Respect Marcus W. Johnson ’02 (M Ed ’10) Today’s fast-paced world often promotes the quick fix, but this book by Johnson, an education consultant based in Austin, highlights the importance of working through problems with determination and deliberation. This book equips readers with unique and

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Spring 2013

Spring 2013: Best new books

Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life Renee Trudeau ’88 Austin writer Renee Trudeau ’88 follows up her book The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal with this new book aimed at helping busy moms slow down and tune into themselves and their families. Available at and major

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