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Fall 2012

Q & A with author Nicholas Carr

Pulitzer Prize finalist Nicholas Carr says today’s constant bombardment of information both helps and hurts the human mind. The Internet especially builds new strengths in visual-spatial intelligence, but it weakens people’s ability for mindful knowledge acquisition, critical thinking and imagination. Carr’s book The Shallows was selected as the Common Reading text this fall, and the

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O. Homer Erekson '74

Spring 2012

Q&A with … O. Homer Erekson ’74

TCU offered courses in accounting, business administration, finance, insurance, secretarial sciences and transportation utilities as early as 1884, but it wasn’t until 1938 that the university boasted of a school of business. In August 2013, TCU’s Neeley School of Business will turn 75, but that hasn’t stopped dean O. Homer Erekson ’74 from touting the

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Fall 2008

Meet Mrs. P.

She’s not a “first lady” or an armchair quarterback, and she doesn’t want to know which players are in the coach’s doghouse. What does Kelsey Patterson want? “To love ’em up,” as her husband puts it.

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