August 30, 2021

Five Recent Graduates Make Their Marks

TCU alumni are paving their own career paths and opening doors for people to follow.

August 30, 2021

Five Recent Graduates Make Their Marks

TCU alumni are paving their own career paths and opening doors for people to follow.

TCU alumni are making their mark by living the TCU mission statement in their everyday lives. Five recent alumni are stepping into their career fields to make a mark. Tafari Witter ’19 is an emerging Dallas-Fort Worth realtor. Cartier brand ambassador Maia Gunn’19 is helping clients while earning her master’s degree. Aspiring lawyer Patton Maynard Jr. ’20 is working two jobs while waiting to start law school this fall. Skylar Montgomery ’21 is teaching high school special education and starting a master’s degree this fall. And Sarah Orman ’19 balances working full time for Intel Corporations while running her own small business.

Portrait of Witter

Tafari Witter said he wants to help families find their new homes. Courtesy of Safari Witter | Photo by Dallas Photographer — Tyler @iii.strikes

Tafari Witter ’19

Major: economics

Minor: finance

Tafari Witter is forging a path for himself in the real estate industry. Inspired by the success of a real estate agent family friend, the Dallas native said he knows there is risk involved in a profession based solely on commission. But helping families find their new homes is worthwhile, he said.

Witter said he credits TCU for teaching him how to adapt to different environments and people, which helps him communicate with various clients from different backgrounds.

“Become addicted to your craft,” Witter said. “You have to get comfortable with flaws and losses.”

Portrait of Maia Gunn

Maia Gunn is a brand ambassador at Cartier. Courtesy of Maia Gunn | Photo by Sharon Ellman

Maia Gunn ’19

Major: communication studies

Minor: sociology and comparative race and ethnic studies

Maia Gunn is currently working in fashion, but she said she aspires to help companies be more inclusive and diverse. The Cartier brand ambassador is working toward a Masters in Liberal Arts at TCU with plans for a doctorate.

An advocate for higher education through her previous role in the TCU Advising Corps, Gunn said she hopes to leverage her education to help businesses reevaluate hiring practices and create new roles. She said companies are seeing the importance of diversity and inclusion.

“I’ve always had a passion for doing work that creates spaces for underrepresented groups,” the Graduate Student Senate member said.

Portrait of Patton Maynard

Patton Maynard Jr. is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather as he becomes an attorney. Courtesy of Patton Maynard | Photo by Ashley Hatcher

Patton Maynard ’20

Major: political science and theatre

Minor: history

Working hard is not a question for Patton Edward Maynard Jr. who is a legal assistant at Maynard Law Firms and a special projects manager at Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD Human Resources Department.

“At TCU I learned the skills to not only survive in a workspace, but to thrive,” Maynard said. “Without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without the friends, professors, and staff of TCU.”

Maynard started the Dutchmen, a student group that hypes up student audience sections at TCU football and basketball games.

His ultimate goal is to practice law as an attorney like his father and grandfather. Maynard decided to further his education by attaining a Certification in Energy Management through TCU’s Ralph Lowe Energy Management Program and will be attending the University of North Texas Dallas College of Law this fall.

Skylar Montgomery and other Teach for America teachers in front of their Nashville school.

Skylar Montgomery, back, second from left, teaches special education in Nashville, Tennessee. Courtesy of Skylar Montgomery | Photo by Casey DeFord

Skylar Montgomery ’21

Major: combined sciences

Minor: child development

Through Teach for America, Skyler Montgomery is able to teach tenth grade special education in Nashville, Tennessee, while earning a master’s degree from Lipscomb University in education with a focus in special education.

Montgomery said she hopes to earn a doctoral degree and become a dean of students at a private university.

“Taking up an administrative role at a college or university allows you to have a role in educational policy,” Montgomery.

Portrait of Sarah Orman

Sarah Orman works for Intel Corporations in emerging technology. Courtesy of Orman Family

Sarah Orman ’19

Major: strategic communication

Minor: political science

Sarah Orman is a sales operation analyst in Intel Corporations’ emerging growth and incubation group. With Intel, Orman works with tracking technologies designed to give machines depth perception capabilities. She also works on Intel drone light shows.

“Intel was my dream company,” Orman said. “I used to tell my family and friends that it was not a matter of if, but when I would work there.”

Additionally, Orman has owned and operated Lilac Reign since her senior year at TCU. Lilac Reign sells fashionable iPhone cases and tech accessories like phone wallets and AirPods cases. She chose the color lilac in her brand as a tribute to TCU.

“I love my side business,” she said. “I feel it allows me the opportunity to express my creativity.”