Frog in Focus: David J. Pond ’89

Frog in Focus: David J. Pond ’89

David J. Pond ’89, is the Area Business Development Leader for Ernst & Young in Houston, and serves as the president of the Houston Alumni Career Network. And yes, he has hired a Frog.

How has the TCU Network benefited you in your career? When my family was looking to relocate from Chicago to Houston more than eight years ago, I immediately contacted the Alumni Career Network for assistance and guidance. Having been actively involved in the Chicago Chapter activities, I found it very easy to reach out and ask for assistance. I found the support to be thoughtful and extremely helpful. I was able to obtain a deeper understanding of the local business community, and  get warm introductions to various business leaders.

Have you accelerated possibilities as a result of your Horned Frog community?  I have been fortunate to be a part of the Horned Frog community over the years. My active involvement has been very rewarding on multiple fronts. I have enjoyed the personal, family and business relationships that have helped me grow both personally and professionally.

Were opportunities opened up that otherwise would have been limited without your Horned Frog connections? My introduction to Ernst & Young Houston was provided by a TCU alum. In fact, he insisted that I stay at his house while interviewing in Houston. He, along with others, regularly provided me opportunities that might help me reach my goals.

What is your message to the students of today? Start early and build your network through multiple channels. Facebook and LinkedIn are important tools, however, regular face-to-face communication is absolutely critical in developing a meaningful relationship. Be generous with your time and give without expecting something in return. Focus on the individual throughout their career not the moment in time. Lastly, make your interactions interesting and fruitful by listening more than you talk and always work to develop your personal brand.