Latest Books by Alumni

From quarantine self-reflections to tales of Texas titans, the TCU community is putting pen to paper.


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Latest Books by Alumni

From quarantine self-reflections to tales of Texas titans, the TCU community is putting pen to paper.

Maintaining Texas Pride
By Dave Kuhne ’97 PhD
Lamar University Press, 2020

A professor falls from the metaphorical ivory tower and starts operating a car wash in Kuhne’s novel. With bemused social and personal observations, the narrator works hard to make sense of his new life.

Unbelievable: The Unmasking of Dr. Harrison Miller Moseley
By Stella Brooks
Stella Brooks, 2020

The biography chronicles the life of TCU physics professor Miller Moseley ’43 from an orphanage to the Masonic Home Mighty Mites football team to the lab where he helped develop the atomic bomb that decimated parts of Japan during World War II.

Levity: Humor and Help for Hard Times
By Liz Brewer Rasley ’01
Independently published, 2020

Featuring witty essays, tongue-in-cheek quizzes and a coronavirus-themed crossword, the quick read intends to bring joy during the uncertainty of a pandemic. The collection of random quarantine thoughts explores the convenience of pajama pants and offers a humorous take on the Ken doll.

Where the Light Is
By Heidi Pattee ’81
Heidi Pattee, 2020

This collection of poetry speaks to the realities of life amid all its highs and lows. Poems acknowledge the pain in the world and also honor the small delights that can come from nature and family.

My Thoughts, Exactly
By Robert Jacobs ’68
Independently published, 2019

Musings based on a retired economics teacher’s life explore classroom perspectives, politics and career ups and downs. The introspective vantage point acknowledges accepting change and gratitude.

Miss Grace and Winifred
By Grace Simmons ’08
Lulu Publishing Services, 2019

Winifred the puppy takes the spotlight in this children’s short story about adventure and heart. Miss Grace, an elementary school teacher, and Winifred face the world together and learn to take time to soak up happiness.

Amon Carter: A Lone Star Life
By Brian A. Cervantez ’03
University of Oklahoma Press, 2019

Raised in a one-room log cabin in a small North Texas town, Amon G. Carter rose to become the founder and publisher of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The biography chronicles Carter’s considerable influence on Fort Worth’s history.


Illustration by Getty Images | SIBERIANART

Maracaibo Oil Brat: Book Two
By Susan McClurg Berman ’68
Andrew Benzie Books, 2019

Berman chronicles her life as an American transplanted in Venezuela. The second memoir in a series covers her teenage years in the early ’60s, when she acquired a telephone, a command of the Spanish language and hesitant interest in dating.

The Hunter’s Gambit
By Nicholas McIntire ’11 (MSN ’15)
Black Dove Press, 2019

The first book in an epic fantasy series follows a simple farm boy who is ripped away from everything he knows and challenged to choose a path of good or evil. Heart-pumping action and intriguing magic lead the way in this fresh take on the hero’s journey.

Amos Alonzo Stagg: College Football’s Man in Motion
By Jennifer Taylor Hall ’97 MBA (MEd ’01)
The History Press/Arcadia Publishing, 2019

Hall’s biography explores the many sides of Stagg — the man who pioneered the use of the tackling dummy, the huddle, the forward pass, the short punt and many other football moves that are now so fundamental to the sport. “The Grand Old Man of Football” had a knack for developing raw talent in collegiate athletes.

Wanted in America: Posters Collected by the Fort Worth Police Department, 1898–1903
By LeAnna Schooley ’17 PhD
TCU Press, 2019

Fifty historical wanted posters from the extensive collection at the Tarrant County College District’s archives are coupled with the true crime stories — sometimes amusing, sometimes horrific — behind them. While some of the offenders are virtually unknown today, others, such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, remain household names.

vernal blossoms
By Shriya Sachdeva, junior biology and sociology major
Independently published, 2019

This collection of poems touches on love, sadness, passion and dreams. With a variety of poetic styles, the writing explores a gamut of emotions.