Winter 2021


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  1. I remember the students’ insults when I wore my Army uniform on campus.

  2. Bob, it was so inappropriate of students to scorn servicemen and women. I’m sure the insults were not truly directed against you as a person but were an expression of opposition to government policy. I hope that wound to you has long since healed. Perhaps we are all wiser now about that era.

  3. The feature issue on 1971 (Winter 2021) was quite a trip down memory lane. It was good to see Jennifer Giddings again, recap Charlie Varner’s artwork, and “hear” Ted Coonfield’s still-principled voice. We had a fine class and cherish many memories of coming of age during a time of social change. I was saddened to see Dr. Ron Flowers noted among those we will miss. He was among the last of my professors still alive. I remember Dr. Moudy, Dr. Sadler, and Dr. Newcomer well–all so instrumental in growing TCU and elevating its standards–when they were still vital forces on campus. Thank you for the stories and photos from 50 years ago. I hope that younger alumni see some links between their time and ours. We all share a TCU legacy.

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