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  1. My humble thanks to Peter Worthing’s and Kara Dixon Vuic’s insights to the Viet Nam war. I have several Viet Nam friends here in Arlington that are grateful for getting out of their homeland. Visit Rose at Alterations by Rose at Fielder Plaza.
    First I was trained as an Air Force Commando in 1962 before being sent on a highly “Top Secret Mission” to Viet Nam/Cambodia/Laos/Thailand. Orders from President Kennedy to assess the movements of the communists from North Vietnam. Our F-100 Fighter Jets spooked the communists along with the Australian Air Force’s F-86’s. However ground patrols were needed for actual proof of infiltration of North Viet Nam’s intentions to rule all of Asia. Another mission we had was to prvide low altitude cover for the U-2 flights over several areas.
    Yes thre was a complete news black out of our mission and findings. You ommitted what the Communists were doing in all of Asia. Our patrol was attacked on the Mekong River throughout Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. I was surprised in Bangkok when I came face to face with the hate and anger of one particular person that intended to kill me with a knife, All Americans were hated, we were invaders.
    1. Ground forces were not displined to respect local civilians.
    2. Guerrilla war tactics were wrong.
    3. Limited bombing targets for fear of WWIII with Russia was wrong.
    4. The communists recruited women and children to fear and hate Americans, kill any American.
    5. The wealthiest leaders in Viet Nam had no concern for the local people.

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