Summer 2013: Best new books

Summer 2013: Best new books

Photo Worth Every Penny: Build a Business That Thrills Your Consumers and Still Charge What You’re Worth

Erin Verbeck ’07 MBA

Some small business owners opt to discount their products and services to gain new customers, but Verbeck and Sarah Petty offer an alternative approach that focuses on creating specialized offerings and over-the-top customer experiences. Available at major booksellers.


Photo Strategic Workplace Planning: Guidance and Back-Up Plans

Tracey Smith ’06 MBA 

The aim of strategic workforce planning is to get the right people in the right place at the right time and right cost. Smith, the former head of global strategic workforce planning at FedEx Express, guides readers through the process of creating a framework for workplace planning and presents practical tools for implementation. Available at major booksellers.


Photo New from TCU Press


Dan Jenkins ’53 and Bud Shrake ’54 

In this 1976 novel recently reissued by TCU Press, Jenkins and Shrake tell the story of a producer who creates a reality television show titled Just Up the Street. “Through a combination of writing excellence and keen insight into potential cultural lurchings, they predicted television’s future,” writes Fort Worth author Jeff Guinn in the new forward. Available at

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