This Much We Know

September 8, 2021

Game 1 has come and gone and the Frogs find themselves at 1-0.

That was part of the plan scheduling FCS opponent Duquesne.

TCU Football players in uniform face the crowd with hands forming the "frog sign." Photo by Ellman Photography

As TCU faced Duquesne on Sept. 4, Quentin Johnston (#1) and Dee Winters (#13) proved to be key Horned Frogs on the football roster. Courtesy of TCU Athletics | Photo by Gregg Ellman

Observations and thoughts from Saturday’s game:

  • The 54-minute game was the first I’ve ever seen in my life with 12-minute quarters in the 2nd half. It was completely understandable, given the injuries and depth issues that Duquesne found themselves facing.
  • The TCU offense had 10 different receivers get in the act and eight different ball carriers. Lots of options here. Quentin Johnston on the large end of the scale. Derius Davis on the blur end of the scale.
  • The offensive line got a good workout in and will only get better when Wes Harris returns to the lineup.
  • The defense is fast. Gary Patterson wants them to be “quick” instead of fast. I think they’re that, too.
  • JD Spielman can make a huge difference for this team as a playmaker. I hope we get to see the player he was at Nebraska, where he had three-straight 800-yard seasons. The only ‘Husker ever to do it.
  • Max Duggan looks much more comfortable throwing the ball downfield. And he’ll have plenty of chances.
  • Max’s backups Matthew Downing (UGA TR) and Chandler Morris (OU TR) are more than capable.
  • The wideouts are deep and talented. This will provide headaches for opposing defensive coordinators.
  • Watch out for running back Zach Evans.
  • And Kendre Miller — who’s bigger and stronger than last year.
  • The defensive line will get deeper — and I can’t wait.
  • Dee Winters is the next elite TCU linebacker. He can get to the ball.
  • Tre Hodges-Tomlinson knows where the ball is at all times. It’s a gift that extreme talents at corner have.
  • All three phases of the game have had a chance to stretch their legs and are now ready to meet the raised bar.
  • TCU didn’t show much of the playbook in the win over Duquesne.

Cal comes to town after a rough opener at the hands of Nevada (you remember Nevada, don’t you? Google Boise State loss at Nevada 2010). Chances are they’ll be ready to play and redeem themselves. Question is: Can they handle the Frogs and the Texas heat. The forecast for Saturday is sunny and 98.

Friday, we’ll take a deeper look into the Bears’ den. It’s an up-and-coming program.

Until then,

Kick ‘Em High!