TCU–UT Game Brings Back Memories for Couple

November 9, 2017

The November 21, 1967 edition of The Skiff courtesy of TCU Archives

The November 21, 1967 edition of The Skiff courtesy of TCU Archives

Memories from 50 years: The 1967 TCU-UT football game, a purple dress and a poem.

Elizabeth Lee Smith ’70 was a sophomore at TCU when she met Michael D. Smith, a senior at the University of Texas. It was 1967.

Michael invited Elizabeth to Austin for the TCU-UT football game that November.

“I wore my favorite purple dress, not realizing that our tickets would be in the middle of the UT student section of the stadium,” Elizabeth wrote in an email to TCU Magazine.

TCU won the game 24-17. The Horned Frogs wouldn’t see another victory over the Longhorns until 1992. TCU wouldn’t defeat UT in Austin until 2012 when TCU joined the Big 12 and the series resumed.

In 1996, nearly 30 years later, Michael wrote a poem to remember the game and Elizabeth’s purple dress. They celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary this year.


That Purple Dress

(for Elizabeth, September 9, 1996)


There we were

practically strangers


together in a sea of orange

and ‘horns’ –

you in that purple dress.


Darrell was still coach,

what could go wrong?


On their own four,

simple handoff,

straight into the line.


It was a magic act:

Chris Gilbert rematerialized

in front of the linebacker,

only the two of them

alone in the world –

the poor linebacker

a mere traffic cone.


Ninety-six yards,

six points,



Is it possible:

4 first downs, 17 points?

TCU 24 Texas 17?


It is possible 29 years later

to remember

how sweet she was,

how pretty,

in that purple dress.


 – Michael D. Smith