Scott Nix

The 1982 grad was a TCU football letterman, owner of and one of the most passionate supporters of TCU Athletics.

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Nix was a four-year letterman for the TCU football team. (Photo by Leo Wesson)

Scott Nix

The 1982 grad was a TCU football letterman, owner of and one of the most passionate supporters of TCU Athletics.

When TCU played Iowa State in the 2005 Houston Bowl, Scott Nix ’82 put $17,000 on his credit card to purchase 200 club seats. He then offered those tickets to members of Killerfrogs, the popular TCU sports fan site he ran with Wes Phelan ‘73. The gesture was magnanimous — and a perfect illustration of just how much Nix loved his alma mater.

Nix died suddenly early Thursday morning. He was 56.

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Scott Nix, left, and his Killerfrogs partner Wes Phelan give the Frog hand sign at the “State of the Frogdom” luncheon in August. (Photo by Leo Wesson)

From 1978-1982, Nix was an offensive lineman for the Horned Frog football team. His brothers W.C. ‘88 and Preston Nix followed in his footsteps. The eldest Nix brother may have hung up his cleats, but his passion for the university never faded.

The 21st century resurgence of Horned Frog sports was a community affair, and no one embraced the cause with more passion than Scott Nix. The Killerfrogs community has been the passionate heart of the TCU fan base for almost two decades. Nix, always wearing purple, followed TCU teams all over the country. Whether it was the College World Series in Omaha or the football season opener in Minneapolis, no trip was too far for Nix to show up and lend his support.

When Nix spoke with TCU Magazine in June, he wanted to emphasize the charitable nature of the Frog Fan Forum community. Inspired by his generosity, TCU fans donated money and prayers to young neuroblastoma patient Micah Ahern and bought sports equipment for the youth programs LaTarence Dunbar ‘03 operates. This fall, posters on the forum led efforts to raise more than $30,000 for 7-year-old Iowa State fan Abby Faber.

“What a wonderful thing for Killerfrogs to be good at,” Nix said.



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  1. I only met Scott a few weeks ago when he and Jennifer came to Norman for the OU-TCU game and was met with his genuine kindred spirit! I have known Jennifer since high school. From my Sooner family to the Nix family and Horned Frog community, you have my deepest sympathies and prayers. May his legacy live on!

    Doug & Sherri Rogers!

  2. Scott was one heckuva family man, a Christian & a Frog. I hope I could do half the work he accomplished.

  3. I remember the Nix brothers. He will be missed. Prayers for their family and the TCU community.

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