Summer 2022


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  1. This is really great article. I’m glad that someone is finally recognizing just how hard it is to be fat. However, I really think there’s something here to be said about what a struggle it is to be fat at 300+ pounds. There’s something to be said with the struggle of being fat AT TCU. I’m a minority in many respects, I weigh 300+lbs, I’m non-binary, I’m poor, I’m severely dsaibled and all of these put me at a severe disadvantage at TCU, even with scholarships paving my way here. I get tired of tiny seats made for skinny students, and being ignored by everyone for being fat, or not even being able to touch the dating scene. I often feel like it’s horrible to be fat here.

    I guess I am not sure why I’m saying this. It’s great to see progress in this way, but it’s hard to let the rest of the hidden problems sit by, unseen. I really love this article, and I hope for more progress for fat students here at TCU.

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