Research and creative scholarship at TCU



Research and creative scholarship at TCU

Endeavors is an online magazine featuring faculty and student research. The stories were selected by the Associate Provost of Academic Affairs and represent a cross section of the research and creative activities conducted at TCU. They were chosen to represent the depth and breadth of inquiry in the eight colleges and schools.
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The faculty featured this issue are:

Steve Sloan, associate professor of Spanish and Hispanic studies.

Jennifer Engler, professor of theatre

Mauricio “Mo” Rodiguez, chair of the department of finance

Mike Slattery, director of the Institute of Environmental Studies

Meena Shah, associate professor of nutrition studies

Jeffrey C. Geider, director of the Institute of Ranch Management

Todd M. Kerstetter, associate professor of history

Molly Weinburgh, director of the Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education, and Cecelia Silva, education professor

Students featured this issue are:

Thinh Nguyen

Michelle White

Caroline Hamilton

Kika Sloan

Samuel Grimmer

Julie Harrison

Lindsey Bailey

Zhao Zhang

Kara Brusoski

Jack Enright

Stephen Frazier