A Better World

Students speak out on their vision for the campus and beyond.

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A Better World

Students speak out on their vision for the campus and beyond.


Aaron Blount

Sophomore, acting  

I want TCU to remain a beacon for academic freedom and free speech. I hope the standards for inclusion, opportunity and merit only continue to rise and influence change around campus.   






Marina Magnant

President, Honors Cabinet 
Senior,  supply and value chain management 

TCU should continue building and cultivating its momentum, whether that is in sports, science, health, engineering, design, arts or business. In the future, I see TCU expanding globally — from Texas to the world — by using technology as a strategic ally and by creating bridges through alumni and initiatives.  

Himish Paul 

President, International Student Association
Junior,  astronomy and physics 

I have seen TCU take numerous steps to foster a more inclusive community. For example, the Intercultural Center has become a hub for diverse groups to interact with each other. I hope to see more steps taken to bridge the gap between the minorities and the majority at TCU. 

Kyle Swanholm

President, TCU Special Olympics
Senior, movement science  

I would love to see inclusion grow throughout TCU. Being a part of Special Olympics, it has been amazing to see that no matter where someone comes from, everyone comes together to enjoy and share in similar interests. While there may be separation between groups on campus, I would love to see those barriers be broken down and for everyone to come together as one.   

Olivia Dugger

Chancellor’s Scholar
Junior, geography and Italian 

My wish is for TCU to continue shaping the national perception of the school by highlighting the incredible access students have to engaged professors and faculty, the beautiful campus, the opportunities provided by a major city, the countless internship and study abroad opportunities and the successful athletic teams.  

Rima Abram 

Chancellor’s Scholar
enior, violin performance and neuroscience 

I hope TCU continues this feeling of belonging, high standards and the exceptional faculty and staff. In the future, I look forward to watching guest artists and orchestras invited to perform in the new Van Cliburn Concert Hall.