The TCU Endowment

What is the TCU Endowment and how does it work?

The TCU Endowment

What is the TCU Endowment and how does it work?

TCU’s endowment consists of the long-term investment assets of the university. It’s a nest egg the university invests and saves for the sustainability of TCU in perpetuity. Established in 1910 from a campaign generating $55,000, the endowment now totals $2.1 billion and is a top priority of the university’s current and most ambitious philanthropic campaign in its nearly 150-year history, Lead On: A Campaign for TCU. The $1 billion goal of this campaign will strengthen TCU’s people, programs and endowment for the future.

How it works

Endowed funds are used according to the donor’s wishes. Allocated funds are invested with the goal of long-term growth by TCU’s chief investment officer, with oversight by the Board of Trustees’ investment committee.

What it does

The endowment is designed to maintain the principal amount while using interest or earnings from investments for annual budgetary support. The principal is preserved for the long-term value of the endowment for future generations.

What it supports

For fiscal year 2020, the annual payout provided:

14.5% of the university’s operating budget, About 992 endowed scholarships, 81 endowed faculty funds supporting 11% of TCU’s full-time faculty

Where it comes from

Funds enter the endowment from two primary sources:
Gifts from donors, and additions to long-term savings set aside each year by the Board of Trustees.

TCU’s portfolio of assets includes:

global equities

private equity

venture capital

real estate

fixed-income credit

mineral rights