TCU tomes

TCU tomes

Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight
Anne Isham ’80
Nortex Press

Isham’s book, subtitled How to Morph Yourself from an Out-of-Control, Indiscrimnate Chocoholic into a Sleek, Svelte, Sophisticated Connoisseur of Fine Chocolate, takes readers on a journey from the Mayans to Renaissance Europe to her own climate-controlled chocolate larder deep in the heart of Texas. This compilation of chocolate life philosophies, lists of fine chocolates and recipes, is enough to make one’s mouth water. Purchase at

Half-life of a Zealot
Swanee Hunt ’71
Duke University Press

In her second book, Hunt, director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, tells her own story as the daughter of oil magnate H.L. Hunt, where she grew up in a household dominated by an arch-conservative patriarch. Hunt describes her childhood, personal triumphs and shortcomings, and her constant drive for progressive change in America and abroad. To purchase, visit

From TCU Press 

Boys’ Books, Boys’ Dream, and the Mystique of Flight
Fred Erisman
TCU Press

Erisman, the TCU Lorraine Sherley Professor of Literature Emeritus, compiled this study of the more than 40 boys’ aviation series written from the early 1900s to 1950s. He reveals the part played by the books and their writers in spurring the American nation’s fascination with flying. To purchase visit