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Which Organization or Club Was Most Important to You as a TCU Student?

Marching Band — it’s where I met almost all my friends. 

  • Barbara Dunlap ’96 (MATM ’18) 

TCU student House of Representatives, Dorm Council, fraternity, Faculty Senate, TCU administration, athletic administration, the Skiff, trustees, but individual students and faculty taught me the most. 

  • Charles Thompson ’71 

TCU Skiff! 

  • Alfred Charles ’92 

I was fortunate to be involved in many student organizations at TCU. The one that was most important to me and provided a skill set that I was able to take into the future was Student Government. I learned proper meeting procedures, accountability for assignments, reporting results to a group, professional behavior and norms with VIPs (and future bosses!) and conflict management. The most important thing I learned, however, was personal principles. Not everyone will agree with you, and that is not the goal. Stand on your principles, and you will earn respect, from yourself and others. 

  • Joe Jordan ’87 

When I first became a political science major, it was difficult for me to feel like I’d found my place. Ignite at TCU has given me a community of women who are passionate about the same things I am.

APO [Alpha Phi Omega Gamma Kappa chapter, a service organization], Marching Band and AERho — a fraternity for radio/tv majors at the time I attended TCU. 

  • Pamela Hathaway ’89 

Home Economics Club. 

  • Susan Hittle ’64 

Vigilantes cannon. 

  • Bill Robinette ’76 

TCU Vigilantes cannon team, where I learned great patience and humility during the 0-11 football season of 1976.  

  • William “Billy” Mac Groeneveld  

I agree — go Ignite TCU. One of my favorite things about this organization is the community it encourages. Being aimed at empowering women in politics, Ignite provides a safe space for passionate people to come together and try to make a difference! I love that we are able to engage in civic discourse and immerse ourselves in projects that inspire change. Also, by welcoming students from all majors and backgrounds, Ignite promotes inclusivity, where all students feel welcome to advance their political activism. 

  • Isabella Marrin, junior political science major 

BNSF Neeley Leadership Program. 

  • Annie Cowden, doctoral student in educational leadership  

 Films Committee on the Programming Council — besides running film projectors, I also was responsible for ordering films to show, scheduling and management. 

  • Lyn Thurman Robinette ’76 

Chi Omega Fraternity. As a small town girl far from home, I gained a family that supported me. I learned to live with and love friends that were different. My leadership skills developed, and I have continued this network for 40 years. 
Debbie Alexander Schneider '79



  • Michael O’Malley ’96 

TCU Rugby. Started playing in spring of 2006. Seventeen years, numerous states and teams later, I’m still playing and representing. 

  • Mike Stewart ’10 

Programming Council was an incredible experience for me. I had the privilege to serve on committees, in leadership roles, alongside fellow student leaders, receive encouragement and mentoring from faculty and staff, and interact with trustees and TCU administrators. They prepared me for personal and professional growth, and to value life-long learning! 

  • Stephanie Sherman ’87 

My most important organization was Canterbury, the Episcopal group on campus. They sponsored our intramural teams for my years from 1969-1972. We had some great teams in football, basketball and softball and usually found our team in the championship game versus the top Greek team. A shout-out to Father Pool for food and uniforms. 

  • Paul Jones ’73 

The TCU Band — besides supporting the football and basketball Frogs, playing for convocations and graduations, we became a close family. Dave [Huff ’67] and I met in the band, and like many other band couples, married. We are still in contact with many of our TCU band friends even after 50-plus years. 

  • Pat Huff ’68 

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