Your Own Words

What was your most memorable summer experience during your college days?

Your Own Words

What was your most memorable summer experience during your college days?

My best summer experience, believe it or not, was actually living and working on campus for TCU Residential Services. I was able to live on campus for free and worked. We inspected every dorm room that summer and found all kinds of crazy things. Being on campus all summer was a different experience with all the camps and orientations. I met tons of new people and had a great time even though I never left campus hardly!

Jacob Langford ’05

I worked at a coffee shop near campus and took summer classes. It was great to get extra credits after the spring semester.

Rachel Bohanan ’72

I worked in the library shelving books among other jobs. Took
a few classes to get done faster.
Worth it.

Larry MacArthur ’84

Anthony Thompson and I rode bikes in Colorado, Utah and Arizona, taking in the beautiful scenery of the American West. It was a sorely needed break from the books!

Todd McKinnon ’79

I grew up in a small town in South Texas. Most summers, I went home and tried to earn as much money as I could for the next school year. Lot of babysitting jobs.

Martha King ’68

My best summer was traveling abroad in Spain and France. The food and culture was my favorite part. Going to another country makes a person see her home country in a different light. I came back and noticed how much violence we have compared to Europe. It was eye-opening! In some ways, I wish I could have just stayed there for an extended period of time.

Cassie Williams ’10

The best summer of my college experience (and my life) was when I was an Orientation Student Assistant. I got to live and work on campus with a wide range of people—it was basically a cross-section of the student body—and became lifelong friends with people I might not have met otherwise. We worked hard, long hours (only got three days off in June), but I wouldn’t trade that summer for anything. Through some tougher times and a million inside jokes (Cranergy, anyone?), we got really close. When I think back to college days, those will be the first ones I’ll think about … and smile!

Traci Clayton ’10