Chancellor: Meaningful Connections With Impact

The influence of the Horned Frog community starts on campus and extends to the far reaches of the globe.

Photo by Amy Peterson

Chancellor: Meaningful Connections With Impact

The influence of the Horned Frog community starts on campus and extends to the far reaches of the globe.

Inspiring examples of how we work together for the greater good appear throughout this issue of TCU Magazine.   

I am humbled and impressed by the creative problem-solving embodied in a new AddRan College of Liberal Arts offering, Service Learning in the Latino Community. This class is a “win-win” for intercultural awareness because it teaches skills while building empathy. Most notably, it benefits some of our hardest-working Texas Christian University team members. Sixteen students teamed to work with eight TCU employees who are studying for GED exams. This powerful experience enriches the students’ Spanish language and teaching skills while giving opportunities to our staff, building community right here at home.

The College Advising Corps was founded at the University of Virginia 15 years ago to support equity in educational access. TCU, one of 32 U.S. universities to house a chapter of the advising corps, embraced the program a decade ago. Thanks to help from the Rainwater Charitable Foundation, we now have the largest branch in the nation — 64 advisers shaping the futures of students at two dozen area high schools. 

So far our advisers, who are all recent TCU graduates, have assisted more than 100,000 local high school seniors with their postsecondary plans. You’ll enjoy the touching testimony of how these Horned Frogs personally connect with students to make higher education a reality for them, changing the trajectory of their lives. This and other local programs that TCU supports, including the Tarrant To & Through Partnership, enable real connection and help fulfill our mission.  

Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

You won’t find better champions for impactful leadership than two students serving on our campus right now as our Student Government Association president and Graduate Student Senate president. Lau’Rent Honeycutt and Leslie Ekpe are the first Black students to hold these positions, and together they are working to make TCU a welcoming and empowering home for everyone. 

Leslie is blazing trails by integrating graduate students into the TCU community in unprecedented ways. She was recently featured in Forbes for her leadership and her mission to open doors for the students who will follow her.

Lau’Rent ran for student government president on a campaign called “Let’s Do More.” 

I love Lau’Rent’s slogan. It’s short, inclusive and motivational. As we look toward our 150th year as a university, TCU will continue to build a place where everyone feels welcomed and valued. In turn, our graduates will go out into the world to serve and create meaningful impact.

This issue of TCU Magazine is filled with stories of Horned Frogs leading on in service of a better world. I hope you’ll be as delighted to learn about them as I am.

Let’s do more.

Victor J. Boschini, Jr. 

10th Chancellor