Your Own Words

If you could go back to college and pick a different major, what would it be? Why?

Your Own Words

If you could go back to college and pick a different major, what would it be? Why?

Communications because it’s the most critical skill for work and interpersonal relationships.
Jeremy Murphy ’90

Mechanical engineering because female engineers are in such high demand, and the combination of an engineering degree and my accounting degree would make me that much better at my current job!
Ashley Andrews ’05

I was an education major with minors in English and history, and I taught school for several years prior to moving on to other things. I think I might have been interested in the School of Nursing, if I had things to do differently. Sure wish I COULD go back!!
Laura Chance Hopkins ’91

Education – specifically dyslexia therapy.
Wendy Ball

Doesn’t matter. I just wish I could go back to TCU.
Taylor Baker

Oil and gas or engineering.
Kent Bell

Addison and Randolph Clark were my great-great uncles and one reason I attended was family loyalty. However, since the age of 6 years, I had dreamed of being an anthropologist so had there been an anthropology department, I would have been an anthropology major. In this globalized world, there is no more relevant course of study!
Richard A. Nisbett

I discovered a love for science in my 50s, so I might switch to that from my English/ French degree.
Leslie Miller ’74

I was a double major in physics and math, with national honors in both. I’d do it all again; it was fun.
Jim Peden

Business/Marketing because it is one of my favorite parts of my current job.
Kate Jackson Potter

Sometimes I think business, sometimes I think my original major of speech pathology, sometimes I think my current career field of advertising, but at the end of the day, I loved my classes, my professors and my education as a TCU communications major! Wouldn’t do it any other way.
Kate Mashburn

Nursing. The program has really grown since I’ve been at TCU.

I would have gone into nursing or communications. I wish I could go back…period.
J’Anzia Bell

Special education because I need to be updated.
Patricia Palm Roldan

Business, so I could be on Shark Tank, haha!
Cortney Gumbleton ’12

Journalism because that is where the best part of my career ended up. Editor of a magazine.
Robin Richardson Stout

I’d start with journalism instead of pre-med.
Lindsey Medenwaldt

Performance (flute)
Jayme Jones Sutton

I have been so very pleased with the double major religion/ education during the first years it was introduced. Both have been major players in the happy life our bursting family has lived. However, coming back to school to learn more about the new additions (through Quinq) has broadened my horizons. Thank you TCU for being there from my freshman year until now — 64 years later.
Lola Stutheit ’55

I hate to be a contrarian, but no – radio/TV/film, and Dr. Larry Lauer served me extremely well, thank you very much!
Randy Hames

Nutrition and botany.
Jennifer Manriquez

Speech pathology!
Derek Escobar

Neuroscience. I loved my psych minor and the professors in the department are the best. Shout out to Gary Boehm and Dr. Cooper.
Katy Neylon

Jean McSweeney Butler

I would add history for a double major. I was only one or two classes away. I think it would’ve given me more options.
Natalie Tull ’04

Something that makes money. I was a journalism major. No jobs. I hammer my kids about a degree that PAYS. Still love TCU.
Rikki Connelly

Same here. Journalism major. Got an accounting degree later on from UTA. Became a CPA. But I’m still all TCU.

Business – so people would stop asking me what I want to do with my degree. #theatre
Taylor Lewis

Anything! So I could go back and relive college at TCU again.
Francie Ronan

Business – entrepreneurial management! Would’ve loved to have acquired those insights while in school.
Elizabeth Azide ’12

Probably business because I have had to learn a lot the hard way as a business owner.
George McGown ’90

Economics. Hated it in college, but it fascinates me now. Also, I want to stay in AddRan.
Andrea Heitz ’89

Business….because neuroscience didn’t exactly allow for much sleep.
Brock Boren

A do-over of my major would be in radio-television to have used my voice in commercials, voice-overs and my real passion – horse-show announcing.
Pepper Hitchcock ’75

After a stressful 50-foot work commute from the kitchen to my home office, I telecommute (in TCU sweats) from Albuquerque, N.M., to the corporate office in Waltham, Mass. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for 24 years, have worked overseas and traveled to almost every state in the nation. So, a different major… naaah, I am doing okay. TCU, ah luv Yew.  Thank you for contributing to my great life.
Mark McCluney ’82

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  1. If I could go back to college, I wouldn’t change my major. I knew early on that I wanted to be a nurse and it has not wavered in my 35 year career. I graduated from Harris College of Nursing at TCU in 1980, joined the Air Force where I served 23 years and got my Master’s Degree and worked as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. After retirement, I became nursing faculty to teach what I loved so much to the future generation.

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