Letters from our readers

Letters from our readers

Seppo Aarnos TCU parent and sculptor  of TCU Horned Frog

Students sit in a horseshoe to watch classmates perform in the course Dance in World Cultures.

Students sit in a horseshoe to watch classmates perform in the course Dance in World Cultures.

Praise for Ralph Carter

VERY well deserved!  Dr. Carter is one of the best lecturers I’ve ever heard.

John Bennett

Missing Richard

This was a very nice service, and it was great hearing such nice things said about my brother. We miss you and love you, Richard.

Robert Durrett

U.S. Border Crisis

It was unfortunate that more than 70,000 children came across the southern border last year. There were those that came alone and traveled across very dangerous territory.

All of these children’s  lives were at risk. We need to find what caused them to enter illegally and endanger themselves.

One reason may be that they think they will be taken care of once they get here. Many believe that their lives will be a lot better here than where they live now.

If individuals believe these things are true, then these types of crises will continue. Most are trying to improve their lives, but the U.S. cannot continue to have hordes pouring across the border. It is not safe for us, and it is not safe for the people coming here.

I think politicians should be careful of their messages. There is a lack of resources for enforcing border policy and seems to be a willful intention not to enforce immigration laws as they exist.

If nothing is done, we may see this happen again!

Deric T. Shaw ’06 MLA
Kennesaw, GA.

First Impressions

Lyn and I met at our 10-year homecoming party in 1986. Married 26 years. Things happen for a reason. Go Frogs!

Bill Robinette

The first time I saw TCU was August 1983. That was also the day before freshman orientation and the start of my freshman year. I was 17 years old, from Chicago and had never been south of the Mason-Dixon line.

My parents raised independent daughters, so when I decided to attend TCU sight unseen, they were completely supportive. But they both worked in the education field and couldn’t take off work in August to drive me to Texas.

So I flew by myself — it was during Hurricane Alicia and my flight was delayed for hours. Susan Appleby Nix ‘69, doing a good deed for the Admission office, picked me up from DFW Airport, dropped me off at Colby Hall and called my mom to tell her that I had arrived safely.

I didn’t think it was crazy at the time, but now that I have three daughters of my own — Kelsey, Class of 2016 — I can’t believe that I had never even visited the university before attending TCU!

I’m glad I followed my heart. I met my husband Brian Zempel ‘87, and we’ve been married almost 27 years. My dearest friends are the ones from TCU, and we bleed purple up here in Wisconsin.

And Susan Nix? She and her family were my family while I was a student, and we still keep in touch. Really, my first impression? It was hot.

Jill Goodwin Zempel ’87

A TCU-Georgia Orange Bowl game played 72 years ago and a program brought home by his Dad set TCU in the sights of a 10-year-old boy from Waycross, Ga.

I didn’t know my church denomination had a college.

Later came that inevitable 8th grade question, “Where do you want to go to college?” I offered a hasty reply, “TCU.”

In 1949, I boarded a train for my first trip to far-off Texas. Two weeks later, on a blind date, I met another freshman, Nancy Smith from Tyler.

We’ve been married now for 62 years … and are still proud Horned Frogs.

P.S. – We have a picture of that first date, wearing our beanies, carrying a cowbell, and holding hands. It was taken by a street photographer as we headed to a football game.

Donald C. Brewer ’53
Nancy Smith Brewer ’53

TCU Vigilantes

TCU Vigilantes

Between 1961 and 1967, I worked with Ted Lange at First National Bank in Fort Worth and enjoyed the story about the Vigilantes. It brought back a lot of memories. I was at that game with my dad in 1958.

Gaines Dittrich

I was a member of the TCU Vigilantes from 1962 to 1964. We began with a sawed-off shotgun in a painted stovepipe, which worked.

But we wanted more and had a 2/3-scale Civil War, 6-pounded cannon built for us. We rattled the gym windows at College Station beating the Aggies.

There were some interesting stories to tell about where the wagon wheels for the gun came from. Fun times.

James H. Lamey

I was a Vigilante 1966 to 1970. In my junior year, I was in charge of the cannon. It was specifically made for the Vigilantes in the early 1960s.

During a game with Texas A&M, the cannon was fired by mistake and members of the A&M Corps of Cadets tried to steal it. I heard it ended up with a Civil War re-enactment group. They probably still have it.

Leandro Huebner

Assessing Recess

I work at Starpoint and am involved with the Recess program. I had no idea that the brain breaks that were implemented this year were related to the The LiiNK Project program.

I loved getting to see all of the Starpoint kids in the videos. (I love those kids.)

The one thing I have wondered about is that they only get 15 minutes at a time. Is that really enough time to get a game going?

I love the idea of breaks, but if they could get a little bit more time for recess after lunch, that would be great!

T.J. Brennan

Remembering Goat Hills

I went to work at the golf course in 1955. A year later, I became superintendent and was there until 1960, when I was transferred to Rockwood. I was there until 1964.

Wells Howard was the golf pro while I was there and Sonny Taylor was the assistant pro. I still have dreams about being on that golf course.

Ray Markum

The Physics of Dance

As one of three females in a quantum physics class with Tess Bernard ’08 at TCU, I am inspired and proud of her accomplishments as a scholar and dancer!

Angela Collinsworth

Discovering Global Citizenship

We at the university’s Discovering Global Citizenship program are very honored to win the Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education.

There are so many faculty and staff at TCU that makes our work and accomplishments possible.

The award is a prestigious indicator that all of our work towards comprehensive internationalization is working.

Jane Kucko
Director, Center for International Studies

Heather-Nasville-720pxNashville Frog

“Beat of the Music” is definitely Heather Morgan’s song. She should record it herself, and maybe sing it on The Voice! Go Frogs!!

Jane Tecklenburg

TCU Horned Frog by Seppo Aarnos

It was fun to read the comments about rubbing the Horned Frog’s nose. Spreading cheerful fun with my creation since 1984 warms my heart.