TCU students define ‘politics with perspective’

A message from the Chancellor.

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TCU students define ‘politics with perspective’

A message from the Chancellor.

TCU is committed to being a marketplace for the exchange of ideas. Our learning environment supports the university’s mission to create thinkers who strive to become leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

Faculty and staff encourage students to develop tools that will enable them to make informed choices throughout their lives. It should be no surprise that our students have created resources to provide answers to public policy questions from a millennial point of view.

PolitiFrog is a student media site launched to help millennials navigate the 2016 presidential elections. With the tagline “politics in perspective,” the website’s home page describes the student journalists as “curious about politics in the most twisted way possible.”

Created by journalism students and faculty in the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, PolitiFrog presents useful news and information framed with balance, civility and a dose of humor. The site features podcasts, an “Ask P-Frog” section and other informational resources. It is inspiring to see TCU students of differing opinions engage in mutually respectful exchanges.

31% of the U.S. electorate is made up of millennials.

Recognizing the responsibility their generation has to the nation’s future, PolitiFrog’s student journalists explain election processes and issues, empowering new voters to make their own decisions. For example, sophomore Paris Jones, who serves as data editor at TCU Student Media, created a “How to Vote in Texas” graphic, outlining steps such as registration deadlines and the forms of identification required to vote. A reader posted a question in the comment section, asking how to choose the right candidate; Jones’ response: “contemplation and meditation.”

Forums such as PolitiFrog offer learning opportunities for all involved and that is just the beginning. We expect to see PolitiFrog’s continuing coverage beyond the 2016 campaign season, with a focus on the new administration in the coming months.

PolitiFrog is just one example of how we strive as a community to live the TCU mission each day. This type of innovation – produced by students – inspires us all and allows us to learn together.


Victor J. Boschini, Jr.


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  1. Thanks for producing an environment where ideas can be exchanged in a respectful non- judgmental atmosphere. I believe that is where true learning and growth takes place. You listen, debate thoughtfully and respect others ideas and opinions even when they differ from your own. With that, we grow into the type of people that do change the world for the better. Way to go TCU.

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