Film Commissioner Red Sanders

Fort Worth isn’t a mecca for the film industry, but Red Sanders ’04 plans to change that reality.

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Producer Red Sanders is Fort Worth's first film commissioner.

Film Commissioner Red Sanders

Fort Worth isn’t a mecca for the film industry, but Red Sanders ’04 plans to change that reality.

Red Sanders ’04 created Red Productions after leaving TCU. Since, he has carved a niche creating advertisements and other film content for a variety of clients and ad agencies.

Red Entertainment expanded recently into producing short- and feature-length films. The company’s second film, Balls Out, premiered during the summer and is available on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Sanders, who staffs an office in Los Angeles but makes Fort Worth his home, is working on more films and possibly a television series. He also plays a lead role in bringing film projects to Texas, especially Fort Worth.

The cool thing with media these days is you can make content anywhere and these stories, many times, are not being shot in [Los Angeles]. While these deals get done in LA and a lot of the actors live there — look, we’ve got the fourth busiest airport in the world here. It’s pretty easy to get whomever we need for a shoot into Dallas-Fort Worth.”

I learned so much from the time at TCU about the business and filmmaking, but I think so much of that was solidified by being able to learn in the classroom and then go practice it through internships. We’ve always tried to pay that forward through internship programs. … Anytime we go film, we couldn’t do it without the apprentices and interns we have helping us.”

“Film commissioner is a very important role reactively to respond to incoming leads and proactively to go out there and put Fort Worth on the map and say ‘hey we’re here in Fort Worth. Fort Worth is film-friendly. At least consider us for your next project & if you do we’ll come help you and show you around and show you the cool spots and help you meet who you need to know in the public sector.’ ”

I like doing a little bit of everything, but now I love getting to lead this team of talented storytellers. … I know we’re all changing and our hopes and dreams evolve as we go through life. We try to provide opportunities now for people to grow in [their roles]. I want to make sure everyone has a seat on the bus and we are all going forward together and excited about where we are headed.”

I kind of got to write [my company’s] paternity leave policy, and I think it’s really important that we all take a breath in life. In America, we always have this rat-race culture. They’re working. I have [to work,] too. It’s OK to take a break and be there and celebrate a huge life event. As a leader of a small business, I can make an example, too. I don’t have to be there 24/7. I don’t expect you to be either.”

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