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No. 7 – The secondary

August 24, 2014

Happy Saturday, Frog Fans!   I’m just back from “Meet the Frogs” and what a great crowd.   We’re just seven days away, so here’s No. 7 in my countdown of reasons that you’re going to love the Frogs.

The secondary has always been a huge part of the TCU defense since Gary Patterson showed up in 1998. This group has to be smart, fast and versatile. Jamming the run and covering deep, seemingly all at the same time.

Good news for you is that this year’s group has all that going for it and then some – especially on the experience side.

Sure All-American Jason Verrett is gone, but what he left behind is a level of play that current Frogs understand and covet. At the corners, Kevin White and Ranthony Texada lead the way while Trevosky Garrett brings size and physicality to the edge. A new face in the mix is Corry O’Meally, a transfer from Ellsworth Community College, who can throw a blanket on a receiver.

The safeties are like three buzzards, circling and pinning down their targets. I like this group a lot.

At strong safety is our man Sam Carter (above) and Travin Howard, a true freshman from Longview. The top two free safeties are Derrick Kindred, who has had a great camp, and the gnarly Geoff Hooker, who seems to always be around the ball.

The weak safety spot is where you’ll find physicality in starter Chris Hackett, who has range, and two big hitters in transfer Kenny Iloka, whose brother George played at Boise State, and the speedy Ridwan Issahaku, a true freshman from Norcross, Ga.

My summary on this bunch: fast, physical and covers lots of ground. Great against the run and solid in coverage, with speed at corner and hammers waiting for receivers at the safeties spots.

Kick ’em high!

Ten reasons you’re going to love these Frogs  
Aug. 20: No. 10 – The schedule
Aug. 21:
 No. 9 – The defensive line
Aug. 22: No. 8 – The kicking game

No. 8 – The kicking game

August 22, 2014

Eight days to go until the umpire hands TCU place kicker Jaden Oberkrom the ball to start the game and says, “Now, son, don’t kick it ‘til I tell ya tew, ya
undahstand?” And since we’re 8 days away, a tip of the cap to our favorite No. 8 Davey O’Brien.

Now this gets my motor running. Let’s talk kicking!The return game and key terms: hang time, get-off times, spinning the laces and hitting spirals. There’s a ton of detail in the kicking game. It’s part art and part execution.

Luckily, the Frogs have two of the biggest legs in the country in Oberkrom and punter Ethan Perry.While Oberkrom has struggled a little in fall camp, I think he’ll be alright as the games approach. The one thing I like about Jaden is the way he goes after it, attacking and driving the ball. That’s the way to kick it.

Meanwhile, Perry has been great in fall camp with more tight spirals than I’ve ever seen him kick. Tight spirals mean hang time and distance, both of which are critical elements to a punter and the 10 guys running down the field to cover it.Speaking of coverage teams, just sit back and watch as these speed-laden waves of purple seek out
kick returner prey. They’re fast! The biggest thing about these two specialists is that they can dictate and control the opponent’s starting field position with each kickoff or punt, making them a key part of the defense.

On the bounceback side (the return game), you may see quarterback Trevone Boykin in special situations, but not a lot as a punt returner. He’ll return some kickoffs. I look for wide receiver Cameron Echols-Luper to continue to improve in the punt return game.Remember, the Frogs also have wide receiver Deante Gray, who took a punt to the house on his first collegiate touch two years ago against Grambling.

Kickoff return should be a lot of fun, too, as running back Kyle Hicks will join running back B.J. Catalon as the primary kickoff return men. Catalon has the ability to go all the way every time he touches one. Remember I told you so!

Tomorrow, it’s No. 7

Kick ‘Em High!

Ten reasons you’re going to love these Frogs 
Aug. 20: No. 10 – The schedule
Aug. 21:
No. 9 – The defensive line

No. 9 – The defensive line

August 21, 2014

While a lot of attention and talk has been about who’s not here to play on the defensive line, I want to give props to this group that I’ve enjoyed watching during fall camp at TCU.

Coach Dick Bumpas has been around a long time, and he knows D-Line play. He has his gritty group playing fast and a little angry.

I think you’re going to like what this group brings to the line of scrimmage when they dig in for real next week against Samford.

Chucky Hunter (above) is the leader, and I think he’s primed for a season in which he’ll finally be recognized on a national basis for the dominant player he is.

Next door defensive tackle Davion Pierson is lighter and faster at a svelte 305. Mike Tuaua never stops at defensive end. Josh Carraway at the other end knows his way around a block – he’s quick.

The guys who’ll make news this year include defensive tackle Tevin Lawson and defensive end Terrell Lathan. But keep an ear open for the names Bryson Henderson and inside guys L.J. Collier and Chris Bradley – both true freshmen who add depth.

They’ll all get a good test in the first two games as both Samford and Minnesota are power teams who like to feature physical running attacks.

We’re nine days away!Tomorrow…..#8

Kick ‘Em High!

Ten reasons you’re going to love these Frogs 
Aug. 20:
No. 10 – The schedule

10 Reasons You’re Going to Like These Frogs

August 20, 2014

No. 10
THE SCHEDULE – I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s just well-arranged.

The Frogs play seven home games this year and don’t leave the state of Texas until Nov. 1, when they travel to West Virginia.

The Frogs host both Oklahoma schools, K-State, Texas Tech, non-conference foes Samford and Minnesota and finish up with Iowa State.

Oh, and there are two open dates sprinkled in early on Sept. 6 and 20 to help the Frogs tune up some more for the Big 12 run which starts Oct. 4 when the Sooners come to visit.

Tomorrow, No. 9.

Kick ‘Em High!

Focused on Omaha

June 6, 2014

Frog Fans, like you, I’ve been thinking about Omaha a lot lately. This weekend at Lupton Stadium is already historic and could be an epic one for Coach Schloss and his crew.

Go get ‘Em!

But take a moment with me on this June 6th. And remember.


I woke up early this morning, went out in the front yard and took down my TCU flag that flies there most every day and put up the American flag to honor all those Allied soldiers who landed on the coast of France 70 years ago this morning. Their efforts, sacrifice and the surprise attack were the beginning of the end of World War II.

Operation Overlord was the official name of the largest amphibious invasion to ever take place. The target was a 50-mile stretch of the Normandy coast that was well-protected by Hitler’s Atlantic Wall.

It began in the early morning with landings on five beaches named Juno, Gold, Utah, Sword …and Omaha. And onto the beaches they went, into a man-made hell with German gun emplacements above the beaches.

Along the shore, mines, wooden stakes, metal tripods, barbed wire all had to be dodged while bullets rained down from above. Many were mowed down before they ever made it to the beach.

And they kept coming.

By afternoon, the Allies owned the beachheads and the invasion was in high gear.

It was no doubt the big play of World War II, and it’s my father’s generation that made it happen. Tech Sergeant Joe D. Denton of the U.S. Army Air Corps was based California on D-Day, working on the XP-59 fighter project – the first American jet fighter.

He is now 89.

I’m going to see him today in Dallas and tell him thanks.

Stats show that World War II vets are dying at the rate of about 1,000 a day. Find one that you know today and thank them. They saved the world.


On this day it has two meanings.

Kick ‘Em High!