The Curt Wilson Alumni Jazz Band Tours Italy

July 27, 2015


TCU jazz, Perugia, Umbria

The Curt Wilson Alumni Jazz Band poses before playing the Umbria Jazz Festival

Dr. Skip Dolt ’89 writes:

The Curt Wilson Alumni Jazz Band performed July 12, at the prestigious Umbria Jazz festival in Perugia, Italy. This 19-piece band is a group of TCU alumni who all played under the direction of professor emeritus of the TCU School of Music, Mr. Curt Wilson, over his 35+ year tenure. The band is comprised of musicians both professional and amateur, graduating from TCU in four different decades, who still have a passion for playing jazz music. (L-R: Dr. Skip Dolt, Rich Dahl, Tyler Windle, Todd Burrer, Dr. Andy Dollahite, Sammy Tork, Micah Bell, Tony Yarbrough, Professor Emeritus of the TCU School of Music Curt Wilson, Steve Williams, Dr. John McDonald, Drew Ruiz, Harry Tschoerner, Rene Ozuna,Alan Burton, Marc Bellomy, Kevin Love, Tom Laney, Chike Okaro, Dr. David Williams.)

Curt Wilson, TCU alumni jazz band

The Curt Wilson Alumni Jazz band with a big “Go Frogs”

Curt Wilson writes, “It’s the smartest band I’ve ever conducted — doctors, dentists, college professors, business executives, teachers and some pro players. Former students range from my first year (1976) to my last years (2011) with every decade represented.”