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January 28, 2016

Saving the Rhinos is a Global Responsibility

At a public lecture, wildlife veterinarian Will Fowlds said his partnership with TCU is “bubbling over to action on the ground that’s making an impact.”

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November 3, 2015

Syria: Everyone’s Crisis

Civil war has displaced 11 million Syrians from their homes. In a Think Global panel, experts discussed ways everyday people could help.

Spring 2014

The TCU-Rwanda connection

They may be separated by more than 8,000 miles, but TCU and Rwanda are growing closer every day. Kurk Gayle, director of TCU’s Intensive English Program (IEP), says the ties that stretch from campus to the east-central African nation, go back many years and involve people from all over campus. “I’m excited because this really

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Spring 2014

History of the Rwandan Genocide

Part of German East Africa from 1894 to 1918, Rwanda came under Belgian rule after World War I, along with neighboring Burundi. Both the Germans and Belgians favored the minority Tutsi, awarding them access to education and government posts. This angered the Hutus, who made up 85 percent of the population. In 1959, Hutus rebelled

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